Your UTERUS is an amazing organ, in fact many people believe that if men had it they would have bragged about it. So let’s find out what’s so amazing about the uterus that women should sing praises for it.

It’s Adaptable: Before pregnancy it is a pear-shaped organ, that fits nicely beneath the pubic bone. As the months pass and your baby grows and develops, your incredible uterus grows too. Towards the end of your pregnancy, your uterus balloons up to the rib-cage nudging other organs out of its way and measuring the size of a watermelon. Once delivery day arrives and your baby is in your arms, this incredible organ will again adapt and shrink back to its normal size over time.

It has wonder woman strength: Simply put, your uterus is a superhero. In order to facilitate birthing it has to gather all the strength in the body to put pressure on the baby. With each contraction, the uterus pulls energy and strength to push the little one out. Awe-inspiring, right?

It creates another organ: It is the only organ in the body that generates another organ. Yes, we’re talking about the placenta. During pregnancy the uterus will create placenta as a filter and delivery system from the mom to the baby. It is through the placenta that the baby receives all the necessary nutrients till the delivery day.

It grows and carries a baby: The uterus not only adapts, gives strength and generates another organ but also carries a new life as it grows and develops throughout the pregnancy.

With all its aches and pains, pregnancy has a special way of pulling our spirits down. From time-to-time, we suggest taking a step back and marveling in all the miraculous happenings going on inside your body. We hope you’ll never look at your body in the mirror the same way again. After all, it’s pretty magnificent!


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