pregnant working woman in officeBreaking the happy news of motherhood at work can often be a tricky task. You don’t want to be judged for every move, or get the sympathetic head-tilt for every request you make. But it may get difficult to explain the frequent exhaustion and washroom breaks beyond a point. Or you may even be unsure about how much maternity leave you are entitled to; or how much of it is paid? These might be a few questions popping in your head, if you’re a working lady who’s just been blessed with the good news. But worry not; we at have made it our mission to help mommies-to-be in every possible manner. Here’s our step-by-step guide to take you through the gruelling 9 months, safeguarding the interest of you, your baby and your career.
Step -1
Though it may not seem as the most obvious way to go about, but it is best to inform your supervisor/manager first, as she shouldn’t hear about it through a grapevine. While majority of women wait till the end of the first trimester, others choose to delay the announcement as long as possible. Whenever you decide that the time is right, meet with your supervisor and talk to her like a confidante. Have a general idea of how long you’d like to take off for maternity leave, but don’t bring it up unless you want to—there’ll be time later to discuss specifics. And don’t be offended if your boss doesn’t offer congratulations immediately. That doesn’t mean you have to apologise—having children is your right, whether or not you’re working. So go ahead and enjoy your pregnancy!


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