Every mother is concerned, when she starts to look pregnant? The answer is not the same for every women. Every birth mother and pregnancy is different. It is not easy to predict time of showing pregnancy. First time pregnancy starts showing later between 12 to 16 weeks and second time starts showing sooner. Older birth mothers often start showing earlier than young birth mother because young mother have strong stomach muscles. When the uterus has grown up and out of the pelvic cavity, it’s the sign of your pregnancy start showing.

Your pregnancy may be showing because of many reasons:-

  • bloatingBloating: Bloating is very common during pregnancy. It occurs early in pregnancy. It can be because of diet, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, reflux, and constipation. This is mostly due to gas and caused by increase in hormone level.
  • Muscle Tone: Showing pregnancy early, caused by less muscle tone. If you want to hide your early pregnancy, tight and toned stomach muscle is beneficial.
  • twinsRetroverted Uterus: Retroverted Uterus is caused by pelvic surgery, pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, or the labor of childbirth. It makes difficult for the sperm to reach the egg. This is the reason of late showing of pregnancy.
  • Twins: If you are carrying twins in your stomach, results in early showing your pregnancy.
  • Overweight: When you eats food, you eats for two,for herself and for baby in the womb. This can be overweightcause of overeating. Overeating results in early weight gain and overweight leads to problem later which is not good for birth mother and baby.
  • Baby Size: Baby size also matters in showing pregnancy. Smaller baby, shows later and if you are carrying big baby, your pregnancy shows sooner. The amount of amniotic fluid you are carrying around your baby can also make a difference.

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