If birthing itself wasn’t enough of miracle for you, then how’s this – babies cry, smile, pee and do a lot more surprising stuff that you’d never imagined.

1.Babies can smile in the womb

Sonographers have discovered that babies smile in the womb from around week 26. They can smile due to the comfort they receive in the uterus.smile-baby-scan

2.Babies can open their eyes in the womb.

Babies open their eyes in the womb from around week 28. They start reacting to light during second trimester. Researchers have discovered that as soon as the light reaches the baby they try to move away from the light. Light doesn’t harm the baby.baby-hiccup-womb

3.Babies can taste food in the womb.

Certain flavours of your food are detected in amniotic fluid. Researches have shown that babies start showing a preference for flavours from around week 15. They swallow amniotic fluid which is sweet than which is bitter.baby-tastes-food-in-womb

4.Babies cry in the womb.

Crying is an important communication tool for babies. Due to ultrasound, scientists were able to identify crying behaviour of babies.ultrasound-baby-scan

5.Babies breathe inside the womb.

Babies breathe with the help of umbilical cord. Babies practises breathing from around week 15. The first breathe is stimulated by a change in both temperature and environment outside mother’s womb.baby-scan

6.Babies can hiccup in the womb.

Baby’s hiccups start in the first trimester. Most women doesn’t feel hiccups of their baby but those who feel for them it becomes daily occurrence in second trimester.


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