1. What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are the streaks or stripes on the skin especially on the abdomen caused by the extension of skin from obesity or during pregnancy. They occur in later stages of pregnancy when women are expanding due to a growing baby. Stretch marks also occur on thigh, hips, breasts in women during pregnancy.They later fade but they never disappear.
  1. What are the causes of stretch marks? Pregnancy stretch marks also known as striae gravidarum, which are caused by the sudden weight gain during pregnancy. More reasons for appearance of stretch marks are low maternal age, high body mass index and higher neonatal birth weight.These scars appear as reddish and blue streaks on the abdomen and can also appear on thighs, breasts, hips. Many women develop stretch marks during their first pregnancy. Nearly 45% of women develop stretch marks before 24th week of pregnancy.
  1. What is the treatment of stretch marks? There is no clear treatment of stretch marks though various things are tried.
  1. Do stretch marks ever go away? The stretch marks fade after 6 to 12 months after delivery. They start fading but never go away the texture remains the same.
  1. What are the tips to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?
  • Keep yourself hydrated. As you are carrying baby in the womb you need to intake at least 8-10 glasses of water so as to keep your body hydrated.
  • Coconut oil can be used to retain moisture on the belly. It is best to apply coconut oil after shower.
  • Exercise helps the body to retain skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks. Exercise helps you from gaining weight which prevents stretch marks.
  • Eat healthy and balanced diet to keep your skin nourished. As foods which are healthy for your skin increases skin elasticity, thus preventing stretch marks.
  1. How Motherbee can help? We can provide you a prenatal massage to improve the elasticity of the skin and apply special oils for improving the skin. Please get in touch with our experts to know more.

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