We’re certain that if you’re pregnant, this question has definitely crossed your mind. Because just as the estrogen levels sore in your body, the sex drive heightens but people often do not know how to deal with this situation given their own fears of sex affecting the fetus, or leading to complications in delivery. But let us clear out first things first, it’s perfectly normal to experience an increase in sex drive during pregnancy and one must go ahead and satisfy this urge unless advised otherwise by your physician. Any couple can have sex almost throughout the pregnancy, but if they experience discomfort, itching or other worrying symptoms, one must check with a gynae immediately. It is a myth that sex during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, however certain sexual positions should be avoided which can increase the cramps in the woman’s body or hinder her ability to move around.

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The majority of couples experience ups and downs in sexual desire during the nine months leading up to a baby’s birth. Here’s an outline of what to expect when it comes to the sexual desire of women during pregnancy:

First Trimester

Many, though not all, pregnant women find their sex drive diminishes during the first trimester. They may be too exhausted and nauseated to think about sex due to all the puking and nausea, and sore breasts may also limit their desire to be touched. One study shows that 54 percent of pregnant women experience diminished desire during the first trimester. It’s nothing to be worried about. Their interest is likely to pick up again in just a few weeks.

Second Trimester

sex pregnancyFor many women, this is the golden time of pregnancy, particularly when it comes to sex. The fatigue and nausea have lifted, and they may be feeling sexy again as they begin to “show.” Physically, their clitoris and vagina are more engorged from the increased blood volume, which may increase pleasure. (Many women become orgasmic or even multi-orgasmic for the first time during the second trimester.) Be aware that dads may feel inhibited as they come to terms with the fact that their beautiful Woman is carrying a real, live baby. They may be concerned about hurting the baby or about her “overhearing” sexual activity. But most couples just try to enjoy this time that they have during this Trimester.

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Third Trimester

Toward the end of the final trimester, many couples experience a drop in sexual activity. The sheer girth of a pregnant woman’s belly may make lovemaking difficult — except in a few “creative” positions. Even so, many couples continue to enjoy relations right up until the end. Can sex late in pregnancy cause preterm labor? A recent study by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists shows that intercourse after 29 weeks does not increase a woman’s risk for preterm labor (assuming that the pregnancy is a normal one).

How to Maintain Intimacy

Mutual understanding and open communication will help the pregnant women and their partners survive these nine months and they must believe in quality over quantity. This advice will carry over into the exhilarating but busy child-rearing years.

couple sex talkTruth be told, It’s IMPOSSIBLE to say how much sex a couple would have during the 9 months of their woman’s pregnancy. From the couples we’ve spoken to, they’ve told us that they never really kept count & that they would have sex numerous times. Countless even. But to answer your question, when the woman’s sex drive is up, she will have sex with her partner at least 3-4 times a day. And that’s what most people who have kids now, have told us. So you do that math. And when the woman’s sex drive is down, usually at that time, no sex or maybe once at the most.


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