Each stage of pregnancy is likely to affect you in a different way

You may feel more tired and absent-minded in the ‪#‎firsttrimester‬; in the ‪#‎secondtrimester‬ you are likely to be more energetic and focused; while as the ‪#‎thirdtrimester‬ progresses you may feel more tired and uncomfortable due to back aches and growing body weight.

professional woman pregnant

It may be helpful to talk to your peers who continued work through their pregnancy. They know how it feels and can support you emotionally.
Dressing for work, during pregnancy, means a few decisions need to be taken.


You may decide to invest in a new work wardrobe or buy a few ‪#‎maternity‬ pieces that are specially designed for comfort in office settings.

There’s a vast range of ‪#‎businessmaternitywear‬ available online and in the stores. But don’t try to over indulge here, you may try auction sites or even borrow from friends and family for whom maternity wear is not in use anymore.

The key here is getting comfortable in your environment and adapt to how your body is changing. Some women even experience lack of confidence due to changing body type, but understand that this is only for a while and that exercise can greatly help you during and after pregnancy to regain your confidence in your body image.
You may have to be a little tolerant at first if people want to discuss your pregnancy more than you would like. You can tactfully but firmly let people know when it’s time for the conversation to move on. Remember that the novelty of your pregnancy will wear off and it will soon be business as usual.



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