Like how in India, we have always had the ritual of ‘god bharaai’ few weeks before the mother’s due date; in a similar fashion in foreign cultures they have the concept of a ‘baby shower’. Other than a few regional ritualistic differences, the basic idea is to shower blessings and presents on the mother and the unborn baby. These days people are warming up to the idea in most Indian cities too, so here’s a little heads up on how you can plan a shower.

baby-shower1.Choose a location for baby shower

First thing for a baby shower is to decide a suitable location. Baby shower can be hosted at various places

Restaurant– For hosting a baby shower at restaurant all you have to do is invite your guests and take care of the taste preferences of your guests when choosing a restaurant.

Home– Home is the most comfortable place for arranging baby shower.

Destination baby shower-You can also arrange a destination baby shower like gardens, spas.

baby-shower-invitation2.Choose a theme

Choose a character from children’s book or cartoon.You can also use butterflies,flowers or any light hearted theme.

3.Preparing guest list and sending invitations

Preparing a guest list is a very challenging task. Best advice for a guest list can be offered by the family member who knows each and every person related to the family.The number of people you are inviting depends on the space and time at which you are inviting. Before preparing the invitations you must keep in mind the theme you have selected for baby shower.

4.Creating the menubaby-shower-ideas-shops

Deciding menu can be a little difficult. But it can be made easier if you know that what is your budget and at what time is baby shower i.e. whether it is lunch time or dinner time. If you have a theme, the food should reflect it.

5.Baby shower fun and games

baby-shower-gamesMost shower includes games, drinking and eating. These activities are organised to create fun to keep the guests engaged and entertain them.

6.Wrap up!

The occasion is wrapped up after a few hours but the memories of the function remains. Return gifts should be decided in advance.


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