Imagine, you are out travelling, shopping, hanging out with family or friends and suddenly your baby starts to feel hungry. You need to nurse your baby but it’s awkward to do so in open. You obviously can’t let your baby cry. Ultimately, you will feed in open as there’s no facility of babycare room. There’s a dire need of baby care facilities in and around the city so that mothers can feed their babies comfortably without hesitation.

If you stay in Delhi/NCR, there are some places where babycare facility is available, where you can breastfeed your baby without any hesitation.

Select Citywalk, Saket: Select Citywalk, Saket facilitates select city walka breastfeeding room for nursing mothers. If your baby get hungry while shopping, you can go to the babycare room and feed her/him. This facility is in ground floor, next to concierge. Rajiv Duggal, CEO, Select Citywalk, says, “For a feeding mother, it’s extremely uncomfortable to scout for a corner in a restaurant and to embarrass herself while doing so.”


ambience mall delhiAmbience Mall, Gurugram:. The mall is launching the complete babycare room in next month. Deepti Goel, marketing head, says, “The room on the first floor will have all the requisites of a baby room — a microwave oven to heat milk, food, games, toys and prams.”


The Great India Place Mall, Noida: According to gip noidaBenu Sehgal, VP, Operations, The Great India Place Mall, Noida, they have a small corner in ladies room for facilitating breastfeeding. They are planning to provide all facilities to breastfeeding mothers.

igi nursing room

Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi: IGI Airport, Delhi facilitates special nursing room for mothers where mothers can feed their babies comfortably.





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