1. Get Engaged with her as if you are pregnant too…

2. Understand her pregnancy disorders.

pregnant-woman-and-husbandRecognise her emotions and try to understand them and help her. She would be suffering from many fears like fear of the pain of giving birth, fear of not being prepared, fear that what will happen to her body. Give her daily accolades and cuddle her.

3. Pamper her.

These are the most ignored and important pregnant couple takes a walkthings which we often take for granted

  • Hold her hand whenever you go out
  • Go on a walk with her!
  • Take her to the movies and a dinner
  • Make her feel secured

4. Take care of herhusband giving foot massage

  • Massage her swollen feet
  • Arrange a nice bubble bath with warm water for her
  • Try to lighten her mood and laugh with her
  • The most adorable thing you can do is surprise her with a day at the spa. She will love it.

5. Reduce her stress

  • Try to reduce her stresspamper pregnant wife
  • Take precaution to avoid meaningless argument
  • If she feels uncomfortable while sleeping arrange pillows and make her comfortable
  • Research ways to help her through and be one step ahead in helping her.

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