Mother’s milk is considered best for the newborn baby. It contains vitamins and nutrients that help the baby to grow faster. It protects baby from many infections and diseases and is also easily digestible by infants. The first thick yellow milk released from the mother’s milk, called colostrum, provides immunity to the newborn against several diseases.

Know the signs: The mother should feed on demand. Only nurse when it’s required. How do you know that your newborn is hungry? Rooting, crying, stirring, fists their hands into the mouth, foot throwing are signs that newborn is hungry.

It is important to know the frequency of breastfeeding; when and how much to feed.

  • Breastfeeding starts immediately after birth of breastfeeding_mombaby.
  • A baby must breastfeed eight to twelve times in a day for few weeks.
  • The time duration of breastfeeding should be every two to three hours and ten to fifteen minutes on each breast (day and night).
  • Newborns consume about 2 to 3 ounces per feeding.
  • Clock schedule is best to make breastfeeding schedule.
  • You can make two hours interval time between two feeds. For example: your first feeding is at 10 o’clock, second feeding is at 12 o’clock and third feeding is at 2 o’clock.

Frequency of breastfeeding decreases as the child gets older. They may take four to six times five to ten minutes on each breast. an infant needs to consume 28 to 45 ounces of breastmilk or formula per day.

breastfeeding workshopWeaning: Weaning is the process of withdrawing breast milk and starts feeding from other resources. Motherbee recommends that mother should breastfeed for at least a year.  La Leche League advises: “The nighttime feeding is usually the last to go. Make a bedtime routine not centered around breastfeeding. A good book or two will eventually become more important than a long session at the breast.”
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