If your due date is near, don’t wait for early contractions or your water to break- Keep your bag packed beforehand. Ideally somewhere early in your third trimester you should have this ready, just to be prepared, if you go into preterm labor. Packing up things for labour and after delivery stay in the hospital can be confusing. Here’s what all you’ll need during your stay in hospital.

Kit you need during labour:on-way-to-hospital

  • Phone and music devices: You should carry your mobile phone with you. It will help you in communicating with your relatives and friends. You can carry music devices too. It will never bore you.
  • Nightgown: It is comfortable to wear nightgown. Don’t wear tight fitting dress, they will not let you relax. There are specific hospital gowns, and maternity gowns that help you not just in labor but also immediately after delivery and when you start to breastfeed.
  • labor-socksWarm socks/jackets: Some women get cold feet, quite literally, so they can carry warm cotton socks to keep them snug. It might also be a nice idea to carry sweatshirt/jacket with you since hospitals can be a cold place immediately after delivery and you’ll need all the warmth.
  • Camera: If you want to capture your time in hospital, your camera will capture your memories. Click pictures and shoot videos of every moment in hospital. Though most people now use their smartphones for the same, you may even carry along a proper digicam, or ask your birth partner to create memories of your child’s birth.
  • Toiletries: Take your toiletries to get comfortable. You should carry toothbrush, lip balm, toothpaste, comb, deo, hair bands, hair clips, hair conditioners, moisturizer lotions, hand  wash, and few sets of towels.hero-Medical-Records
  • Medical Reports: Never forget to carry your all previous medical reports. Doctors make further reports and prescribe you medicines on basis of previous medical history. Make sure your birth partner informs the staff of your allergies, if any, well in advance.
  • Light Snacks:  Take healthy and light foods which do not pregnancy hospital kitharm your baby in your womb. Never take hard foods such as chicken, which are hard to chew. It’s advisable to carry some fruits as they have rich fibre content and also keep you hydrated.
  • Pillows and Cushions: Pillows and cushions make you comfort while you are sleeping or sitting. Most likely you’ll need the extra support.

Kit you need after birth:

  • nursing-braNursing Bra: Purchase three or four sets of bras. Nursing bra is comfortable when you are feeding baby. It should flexible and comfortable to open the cup with one hand.washable-silk-breast-pads
  • Breast Pads: Breast Pads are helpful in stopping the leakage of breast milk during breastfeeding and breast pumping. These are easily washable at home.
  • maternity towelsMaternity Sanitary Towels: Maternity sanitary towels (longer, softer and more comfortable than normal pads- as they can monitor the blood loss more accurately with maternity pads than with normal ultra absorbent pads).
  • Baby Clothes: Purchase best material baby clothes which are comfortable to your baby. Cotton, polyester, fleece, cashmere, bamboo material clothes are comfortable to baby. These days many moms prefer organic cotton fabric over others for their babies.avent-moisturising-nipple-cream-30ml
  • Nipple Cream: Nipple cream or ointment prevent drying and cracking of the nipple and speed healing. Wash your creamed area before feeding baby.
  • nursing gownsFront opening Nightdress: Your nightdress should be front open. It helps you feeding your baby easily at night. It should be comfortable and loose.

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