A breast pump is a device which is used to extract milk from a woman’s breasts. When you are going to buy a breast pump, it is difficult to decide which pump is best suited to your needs. However there are some criteria you should keep in mind. Breast pumps have well-fitting flanges and dual phase expression.

  • You can get confused on choosing the best pump, Cracked-Nipplespumps come with different flanges sizes for different size of breasts and nipples.
  • The flange should be fixed on nipples and areola.
  • Nipples can get soreness if the flange is not of right size.
  • The frequency of use depends on mother’s lifestyle, milk production, and baby’s appetite.

Who needs a breast pump?

  • Mother who has engorgement breasts
  • Mother who has insufficient supply
  • Mother who is working, and needs to resume work soon after her delivery

Breast pump come in two main categories:

  1. Electric/battery Breast Pump:electric-breast-pump
  • Top End Electric Breast Pump: These pumps are useful for the mothers who are not feeding baby regularly. Double pump and single pump available in the market. Both breasts can be pumped at a time by double pump.                  
  • Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump: Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump is provided to the mothers who are unable to nurse baby. It expresses the same amount of milk as a nursing mother. These pumps are provided for multiple user.

Electric pumps are not portable. These pumps require electricity. These are designed in sucking patterns as the baby sucks (slower and deeper).

Some electric pumps are available with an inbuilt battery which can be used while travelling.

  1.   Manual Pump: Manual pumps are used when the manual pumpmother is not physically available for the baby. It is used on occasionally. One breast can be pumped at a time. It can be carried anywhere because these are less in weight and easily available in the market. Manual pumps are less expensive than electric pumps but can be tiring your hand.



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