1. Do work out.workout

Regular exercise may help you to reduce many issues like insomnia, mood swings, excessive weight gain.

2.Don’t drink a lot of caffeine.

caffeine-pregnancyCaffeine can increase your baby’s heart rate and can be harmful. According to the research a pregnant women can consume a cup or two of coffee each day. Consuming more than two cups can be harmful.

3. Do visit your dentist.pregnant-at-dentist

Expectant mothers should have a routine
oral health checkup and dental cleaning to avoid infection.

4. Do have sex.

Sex during pregnancy is fine until and unless you have any complicating factor. So, consult your doctor about the same.

don-t-smoke-while-pregnant5. Don’t smoke.

Babies born to women who smokes are are born at a risk of lower birth weight and many disabilities and they are likely to become smokers at earlier age.

6. Listen to nice music.listening music

Listening to nice music can have positive impact on both mother and child. Listening to music can improve your baby’s hearing and motion capabilities and brain functioning. Avoid fighting and other negative situations as they are also audible to your baby.

propersleep7. Do get lots of sleep.

Proper sleep is required during pregnancy. You should take proper naps if you feel tired and relax as it affects your baby too. Your baby might have a different sleep cycle than yours. So, it is a good idea to align your sleep cycle to baby’s sleep cycle.

8. Don’t watch tv serials.no hot baths in pregnancy

Avoid watching tv serials specially violent tv serials .

9. Don’t sit in hot tub.

Expecting mothers should avoid sitting in hot tubs as it may increase the risk of miscarriage especially during first trimester.

milk-During-Pregnancy10. Don’t consume unpasteurised milk products.

Raw milk is not safe for expecting mothers. The milk has not been heated to kill bacteria which can lead to illness, miscarriage or life threatening consequences.


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