As you know by now, you will see many changes in your body some might be very good and others might be very embarrassing. Here are some embarrassing symptoms that mothers-to-be has to struggle with during their pregnancy.


The pregnant women become more gassy. This is because 15-signs-you-might-be-pregnantof the hormonal changes that occur in women’s bodies. These

hormonal changes can slow down the gastrointestinal span. You might not be able to keep it to yourself because you might not be able to put control over it. It can strike at more random times. Ways to avoid formation of gas-

  • Eat small meals
  • Eat slowly
  • Avoid foods like cabbage, beans and fried food

facial-hair2.Facial hair

Due to hormonal change there is hair growth on unwanted places.There is hair growth on abdomen, face, chest.While the hairs on your head becomes thicker and beautiful. Waxing or tweezing is the safest method for removing the hairs during pregnancy.

3.Acneacne in pregnancy

Pimples are common during pregnancy and especially during the first trimester because of the changing hormones.The pimples will start popping on your face and your body. The oil glands become hyperactive which can be a bad news for the one who have oily skin.


You will notice that your fingers will swell up and your feet will not fit in the shoes. It is normal during pregnancy as your body has a lot of blood to spread around. This problem can be reduced by drinking more water and wearing loose clothes.


Pregnancy causes constipation. Main reason of constipation during pregnancy is increase in hormone progesterone. The problem is compounded later by increasing uterus.

6.Leaking of Bladder
Close-up of pregnant woman sitting cross-legged on exercise matThe pressure of increasing uterus on bladder is hard to hold which may cause to leakage of urine.It happens specially when you are laughing, sneezing or coughing. There can be various ways to avoid urine leakage-

  • Make it a practise to urinate every 30 minutes before you feel the urge to do so.
  • Avoid constipation add bowels add pressure to bladder.
  • Sanitary pads can be used to absorb the leaking.


Forgetfulness is a common symptom during pregnancy, nausea in pregnancymore commonly referred to as ‘pregnancy brain’. Hormonal changes during pregnancy leads to short term memory and concentration. There is nothing to worry about it’s only temporary. To overcome this problem you can write things down or keep a daily calendar.


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