Pregnancy is a time of endless excitement, happiness and love. It’s also a time of great change in both mind and body.

Pregnancy brings nine months of changes different and unpredictable. Varying not only from woman to woman but from pregnancy to pregnancy. As your baby grows, your body and every system in it changes in some way as well. Skin, hair, and nails may grow faster or slower or become stronger or more brittle. Back and leg aches and varying twinges as ligaments and joints move and stretch are common as well. Be sure to talk with your medical provider openly at each appointment and let him know what is going on and how things are changing so he can reassure you about what is normal and take note of anything that is out of the ordinary.

What the Experts Say:

Pregnancy is a time of change–suddenly, everything you’ve ever known about your complexion is different. From stretch marks to acne, your skin reflects the big transformation that’s occurring in your body. So instead of feeling self-conscious about all the changes in your body, change your attitude–and consider them badges of honor in the wonderful world of motherhood.


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