A birth partner is someone who can help you to relax while you are in labour. Your birth partner can be anyone- your husband, mother, friend, anyone who can give you physical and emotional support during labour. Being a birth partner is a responsible job. Here’s the list of things that you’ll need in hospital.

  • MoneyCash: Always carry cash. All the medical bills, medicines, fruits, juices, snacks, parking payments and many more are made in cash. But some private hospitals take only cash.
  • Debit card/credit card: You can carry your debit or credit card. If you forget to carry cash or you have not enough cash. You can use your cards. These are the subsidiary of cash.
  • smartphonePhone: If you are working, take your phone. It will help you to work while you are in hospital. You can make calls to your relatives, friends for suggestions. Save important contacts such as hospital numbers, midwife, birth mother’s husband.
  • Camera: You can carry camera for capturing unforgettable moments. You can take selfies with your partner. Camera stand can help you take stills and videos if there is no third person in the room. Camera should be of good quality so that you can take good stills and videos. You can rewind these memories. 
  • Reading Material: If you are fond of reading, you can carry books, magazines, novels, newspapers. You can read your favourite in your spare time. You can recite to birth mother, the mother will not be bore.
  • hospital sheetsClothes, pillow, bedsheet: Carry your separate pillow, bedsheets and clothes. Never share birth mother clothes, bedsheets and pillow, it can harm your health.toiletries
  • Toiletries:  Carry your toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, cream, massage oil, handkerchief, lip balm, towel, deodorant, hand wash etc. Never share your partner’s toiletries. Sharing can harm your health as well as birth mother.  



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