Pregnancy is a special time in which you have to make plans, decisions that would be fit for your pregnancy period. In the previous article, told you about books to read during pregnancy.

In this article you will find some movies to watch during what-to-expect-when-youre-expecting-movie-posterpregnancy. So grab some popcorn on your couch and snuggle up with your spouse or friends.

  • What to expect when you’re expecting: This movie is based on same titled book “What to expect when you’re expecting”. It is all about pregnancy in which five couples faces ups and downs as first-time parents. It’s a bucket full of drama, comedy and romance. This movie gives the message that what we plan, life does not give the same.
  • junoJuno: It is the story of a young schoolgirl who got pregnant by her friend and carries an unplanned pregnancy and takes unusual decision for her unborn child. Juno is the academy award winner. “You can look at it as a film that celebrates life and celebrates childbirth, or you can look at it as a film about a liberated young girl who makes a choice to continue being liberated. Or you can look at it as some kind of twisted love story, you know, a meditation on maturity.” says Diablo Cody, screenwriter of the movie Juno.
  • for keeps movieFor Keeps: It is a story of two college teenagers who fell in love with each other and the complications came when she got pregnant just before her graduation. The decision is too difficult for them to keep the baby or not.
  • waitress movieWaitress: The young girl is a waitress and living an unhappy married life. One day a guy comes in her town and fell in love with him. She wants to be happy. She used to go for prenatal to the doctor and then their relationship starts. The movie is appreciated by viewers and critics.
  • baby mama movieBaby Mama: The successful single businesswoman who always has the first priority to her career before her personal life. Now she wants to bear a child. But she found a minuscule chance of becoming pregnant due to her uterus being T-shaped. She refused to adopt a child. So she decided to hire a lady who becomes a surrogate mother for her.  



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