Mother’s milk is said to be best for the baby. It has all the antibodies and proteins that a baby need. Nursing baby can be tedious; in case you are not comfortable while nursing. There are different breastfeeding positions that you can try and choose which suits you and your baby the best.

The different positions for breastfeeding are:cradle hold position

  • Cradle hold
  • Cross over hold
  • Football hold
  • Side lying position

Cradle hold: Cradle hold is the most basic position. Most of the women feed their baby through this position. It is best for the babies who can latch easily. Give support to his/her neck, spine and bottom. Put your feet on the table so you do not get tired of feeding. Give your baby’s head rest in the bend of your elbow. Use this position once your baby has developed stronger neck muscles.

cross cradle positionCross-over hold: This position is suitable for small babies and infants who have trouble latching on. This position is also known as cross cradle hold. Put a soft pillow on your legs to get comfortable with your baby. If you are feeding with your left side, hold with your right arm and if you are feeding with your right, hold with your left hold position

Football hold: In this position, you hold the baby like a football. Put a pillow on your lap and give support to baby’s shoulders, head and neck with your hand.  If you are feeding on your right side, use your right arm to support baby, and guide her/his head to your nipple.

side laying positionSide lying position: If you are recovering from c-section and sitting up is uncomfortable, you can try this position. If you are lying on your left side, feed with your left breast and similar to the right side. It is comfortable for both baby and mother.

Watch our Breastfeeding videos to get all the information about nursing!


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