1. Hair losshairloss

There will be hair loss in large quantity after delivery as during pregnancy there is less hair loss. Generally, the body compensates up to six months after delivery. But after six months they  return to their normal growth cycle.

2. More sweating

Night sweats are common after pregnancy. During pregnancy your body retains and produces more fluid which helps in nourishing baby and after your baby is born that fluid needs to go somewhere. That’s why women experience night sweats after delivery.

backache3. Back pain

During pregnancy due to poor posture women suffer back pain. As the abdomen muscles gets stretched at the time of pregnancy, they take some time to become strong again. The backache remains until the abdominal muscles tighten up again. Generally, these problems are cleared in the first six weeks after delivery.

4. Bigger feetbigger-feet-swollen

Immediately after delivery you will find that your feet and ankle swell, sometimes more than they did when you were pregnant. This happens because your body starts to move and lose the extra fluid you retained during pregnancy.

stretch marks5. Belly changes

After delivery uterus still remains hard and round. It can be felt by just touching your navel. It takes about six weeks for the uterus to become normal. But, unfortunately the stretch marks remain. Though they never go off completely, for most women they fade away significantly.


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