As a mother, you have the world’s toughest, and best job – crazy at each step, yet the most satisfying feeling ever! baby-and-mom-beautyWhile becoming a mother takes you to an altogether new phase of life, for many women, holding on to the identity of being a woman, an individual, is important too.
And whether you have chosen to be a stay-at-home full-time mom, whether you are working from home, or going out of home to work, when it comes to your little one, only YOU know what’s best!
Of course there are the occasional  moments when we are filled with guilt – on leaving baby behind, on not being able to give as much time to baby as mums who have chosen to be full-time moms do, on not being there to see every little thing that baby does, or using up the hours at home working, rather than playing with little one.
And yes, it’s perfectly normal to sometimes go through these guilt pangs.
But MUMS, did you know that there are many more reasons for you to feel proud, rather than feel guilty?
Of course there are many many reasons, but here, we share with you the top 10 reasons why you should feel proud on being a working mummy!

10 reasons for mom1. Multitasker
Managing the home, the baby, kitchen, hubby, family, pets, school projects, vaccination routine, shopping, sleep time, breakfast, PTMs, activity classes, office presentation, client call, house help – do we need say more?????!!!!!!

2. Efficiently manages time

With so much to manage and only those many hours in the day, of course you have no other choice but to manage your time as best as you can! Whether it is getting up earlier than you would prefer and finishing up the chores, or giving up that leisure time to finish that office presentation, when it comes to managing time efficiently, you are quite a juggler!

3. Makes the most of the time spent with baby

While everyone tells you there’s nothing like spending quality time rather than quantity time, who would know this better than you? For all those hours spent on the laptop or in office, you are more than ready to compensate by making sure the hours you spend with baby are the most precious. Play, rhymes, giggles, hugs and all those amazing moments that only a mommy and baby can share – you give it all to your little one.

4. Happy mom makes a happy family

It’s the truth moms – if mommy isn’t happy, no one’s happy! So get rid of the guilt and understand that if what you are doing makes you happy, it will only translate to more happiness for your baby and the family. So go on and smile!


5. Understands the details of the meeting as much as understands baby’s sign language

You know what’s important in that office meeting, and you know best what your baby is trying to say with all those signs. With a complete understanding of both the corporate world as well as the mommy world, you’re surely on top in both respects!

6. Building the country’s economy and being financially independent

Not only are you playing a role in the country’s economy, you also get yourself in a position where you are financially independent and have the freedom to save and plan for the future. You can choose to help your partner in managing the family finances, while having the luxury of spending on yourself without feeling guilty or taking away from the family savings.

7. Asset to family and asset to company

There can be no bigger confidence-booster than the fact that you are both an asset to your company as well as to your family.

8. Teaching your child the importance of routine

With so much to manage and plan, you wouldn’t be 

able to function properly without a set routine, isn’t it? And if you are following one everyday, chances are, your little one will soon understand and appreciate the same too.

9. Your children find another identity for you beside being their mum

Of course you are a mum, and most likely, playing mommy is what you enjoy doing the most. But as your little one sees you play more roles than that of a mum, they will soon understand that as much as mommy will forever be mommy and best friend for them, she has another very special identity too.

10. Helping your child learn the meaning and importance of independence

Just like your baby will pick up habits like following a routine and becoming disciplined, similarly, you are teaching your little one the importance of being independent.

Mums, you may be busy with your work, but if those few hours you spend with your little one are happy and fun, there is no reason for you to feel guilty, especially after the reasons we gave you above. Love yourself for what you do, appreciate and be proud of yourself, and yes, you’ll always be your little one’s best friend too!

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