It’s amazing what all goes inside your pregnant body while your little one is still the size of a sesame seed, yes, that SMALL!! Read on to be mesmerized…

  1. The baby’s fingerprints are developed within first trimester of fingerprints
  2. There are more chances of multiple birth with tall or overweight mothers.tall women multiple babies
  3. Occasional nose bleeds and gum bleeding are common as blood flow increases during pregnancy.pregnancy nose bleeds
  4. It is very common in pregnant women to experience change in skin colour change in pregnancy
  5. Babies can taste the food their mothers eat in the womb. Strong flavours like garlic are able to pass through amniotic tastes food in womb
  6. Pregnant women’s feet grow up to one full shoe size due to extra fluid and water retention.pregnancy large feet
  7. Babies cry in the cries in womb
  8. Pregnant women suffer from “Pregnancy Brain” or forgetfulness due to less oxygen in their blood.pregnancy brain
  9. Pregnant women have an intensified sense of smell. It is the way of the body to keep them away from food that would be bad for the baby.Heightened-Sense-Of-Smell-During-Pregnancy
  10. In the second trimester the baby urinates about 1 litre per urinates in womb

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